Sur la pente de janvier

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Vincent Ganaye

Sharing his activities between painting and photography, Vincent Ganaye lies in France from the Vosges and draws his inspirations surrounded by nature on his territory and in the mountains far from any human imprint. Professional artist, he has sought and experienced many old painting techniques and Also carried out an important work on the theme of the portrait before devoting itself fully to landscape painting. SAID Pictorial technique is that of the templera to the applied egg on a preparatory drawing for black stone made on art paper or on Web. This painting consists of raw pigments and egg yolk as a binder and sometimes associated with cooked oils. It allows a "vile prima" work and has exceptional sustainability. We find the origin of this technique in Egypt where it was used in antiquity for the decoration of sarcophagi and mummies. " I write the landscape according to the same intention as that which guides my long crossings on foot, often with the only initial mark a thin horizon line, improvisation and discoveries thread from which the landscape traveled unrolls its prospects, its reliefs and its rhythms. Nothing is anticipated, everything is woven in the present moment. On steep slopes, the black silhouette of pines, the massive rocks in precarious balance build my bearings. From the first line of black chalk on the white canvas to the last touch of color placed on a distant summit, everything can change and reinvent itself, in the light of the promise of a new horizon, from another trip ... " Vincent Ganaye has been a member of the Maison des Artistes since 1997 and very regularly exhibits his work.

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