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Luc Villard

French painter, Luc Villard has carried out numerous exhibitions in France and opens today internationally. The creation has always been for him an open door to a larger, more colorful world, where possibilities have no limits otherwise the imagination that we give them. Abstract works and yet ... The interpretation of the work is left to the subjectivity of each who will be able to see an inner world which is its own. By speaking with a big brushstroke, freed from conventions, the artist seeks to favor the affect and shows a great requirement in front of his art. This is why he starts again, again and again, until the spark of creation reaches the canvas. His art is inspired by many movements. We will recognize a strong affiliation to abstract expressionism, expressive art and freed from figuration. Lyric abstraction, European current, is also very present in its paintings. It is a subjective art whose main research is to provoke an emotion in its spectator. More recently, the discovery of the artist of the Street Art movement prompted him to pay homage to this movement born on the walls. For more than 30 years, the artist has perfected his art, multiplying colors, movements in search of perfect balance. Luc Villard is now installed in Brittany but exhibits on the French Rivie , in Canada, and in Portugal. & nbsp;

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