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Hervé Carriou

"Beauty is what pleases universally without concept" Kant

Hervé Carriou born in Brittany painted for twenty years. He lives in Paris. He studied watercolor and the technique of old -fashioned oil painting at his beginnings. It has now been mainly painted in the frame for about 10 years and more recently in ink and acrylic on Plexiglas. His favorite themes are: crowds, urban landscapes, street scenes, marine landscapes, portraits.
Encaustics is a technique dating back to ancient Egypt (portraits of Fayoum from the 1st to the 5th century) and consisting in using the heated beeswax, mixed with the pigments. This medium thanks to the amber finish and the transparency of the wax allows fuzzy and melted effects. This technique that is currently not widespread in France is mainly practiced in Anglo-Saxon countries.
The painting on inverted glass (or paint under glass) is an artistic technique which runs directly on a glass of glass or plexiglass. Glass or plexiglass supports paint as a canvas would. Welded to the glass, it is through this support that we contemplate the work. Thus glass or plexiglass serves both as a supporting support and varnish. Note that it is a “cold” painting technique so that the process does not require baked cooking.
The work is carried out on the back of the support and requires dialing with a "mirror effect" during the execution of the image since what is painted upside down is at the place on the left.

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