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Ea Bodin

Ea is a danish contemporary abstract artist based in Germany. She is always looking for the perfect in the imperfect, the poetic accomplishment in the unfinished. In her paintings, she works with many mixed media layers, all of which intuitively and visually reflect their own stories of the beauty and rawness of lost and abandoned times. She has a deep desire to be constantly experimental and to stay open and creatively flexible, always finding new ways to express herself in her artwork. She is obsessed with colors, forms, strokes, lines, details and life. Furthermore, she loves when her paintings in their color fusions and various collages have a certain depth and that the viewer may find various stories within one story.

Ea's love for the universe and her spirituality are reflected in her artwork, which exudes an atmosphere of harmony and peace. The importance of treating fellow human beings with love and respect is also reflected in her artwork.
Thus, her artworks are not only a visual representation of Ea herself, but also a reflection of her values and beliefs. She wants to convey a message of love, peace and spirituality that can positively impact the world and give hope.

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