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      Lato da aprire [Side to open]

      Paintings70.0 x 50.0 cm?
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      Artwork physical size measured as height by width by depth. Artwork purchased with a frame will usually be 5cm (2.5in) longer in each dimension.

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      Marco Bigliazzi

      Italian artist Marco Bigliazzi is an animated cartoon creator and painter whose works tend to be of imaginary yet still plausible urban city spaces. A History of Arts graduate, the artist also teaches animation at the Alma Artis Academy in Pisa.

      Marco Bigliazzi’s Career

      Marco is quite the polymath; a writer, draughtsman, filmmaker and more, the artist is as prolific as his style is eclectic. He has directed several animated shorts and TV series which have been distributed all over the world, for example, the award-winning "Taratabong! The World of Meloditties" on Netflix. The artist has exhibited in Pisa and Rome, Italy, and Berlin, Germany.

      Style and Practice

      Marco's paintings are a series of invented city views. Blending acrylics with pastel, pencil, ink and more, he imagines buildings, courtyards, industrial zones and railroads, which he brings to life in a textured, sketch-like way. His paintings, like his cartoons, are animated by bold, block colours and energetic mark-making. He suffuses these pieces with dynamism, and an almost grainy quality suggestive of static, like a crackling cartoon film frame. Also integral to his artwork is the title, which acts not as a description of the piece but as another detail, a verbal part of the work.

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