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      Erasing Picasso

      Paintings37.0 x 46.0 cm?
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      Manuel Pablo Pace

      Manuel Pablo Pace is a contemporary portrait painter. Based in Bassano, Italy, the artist is known for fusing traditional and modern mediums in his quest to convey a temporal and psychic suspension. Manuel experiments with various techniques and materials from diffused light to blended oils, acrylic, linen and paper. The resulting mixed-media works illuminate domestic scenes and explore the relationship between subject and landscape, self and surrounding.

      Manuel Pablo Pace’s Education & Inspiration

      Manuel trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and at the University of Sociology in Trento. The artist takes inspiration from classical painting and pop culture, particularly illustration, cinema and advertising posters, and creates heterogeneous works with a timeless scope. Known for his alchemic mix of fresco and glaze, creations such as The Law of The Mirror possess technical and visual appeal. Manuel demonstrates a profound aesthetic sensitivity, paying meticulous, photographic attention to every inch of his canvas.

      Exhibitions & Projects

      Manuel has participated in international group exhibitions and international art fairs such as Art Verona, Italy, Scope New York, USA, Blooom Art Fair Cologne, Germany, and Parallax Art Fair London, England. In 2008, the artist joined the INFART artistic collective in Bassano Del Grappa as Artistic Director. In 2017, the collective joined the prestigious Bank Contemporary Art Collection. Since 2012, Manuel has collaborated with public and private entities organising training courses with people of all ages.

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