Football Heroes 4

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Collaborative duo Chin Keeler and Emma Tornero work together to make up KEELERTORNERO. Connecting ideas and artistic visions, KEELERTORNERO follows an interdisciplinary approach, working across collage, painting and print to create art that resembles the Dada style. Making the impossible appear natural and fantasy become fact, KEELERTORNERO’s art is driven by the desire to subvert reality and rid the viewer of our expectations. By shining a light on the bizarre and transforming it into something sublime and exciting, KEELERTORNERO create art that is an outpouring of their collective consciousness.


Chin and Emma started working together in 2004, and suspended their own artistic visions to form an artistic dialogue that became their own unique style. Both artists work intuitively on the same piece at the same time, simultaneously responding to each other throughout the process. Based in London, the pair of British artists take inspiration from the past and the fantastical to push their art forward. Intrigued by the visual language and aesthetic of the 50’s, much of KEELERTORNERO’s work reimagines nostalgic found imagery of figures and portraits.

Current Work

KEELERTORNERO are currently working on KT-LAB; a 2-3 year art expedition in which they take on tasks specifically selected by a community of other artists and creatives. The project is driven by the desire to challenge the ideas and conventions of painting. By adopting the viewpoints of the chosen artists, KEELERTORNERO create a dialogue between artists and the public, all centred around the topic of art in today’s society.

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