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This is the first time I have bought a piece of art without seeing it.

I was able to get the artwork, check I liked it, then Melisa arranged for it to be picked up, framed and returned. It was quick, stress free & great service.

Cityscape 663 by Jingshen You
Cityscape 663 by Jingshen You

I have collected blue chip art since 2005. In my opinion Rise Art is the best.

Professional knowledgeable friendly staff who went above and beyond the others. A wonderful smooth hassle free experience. I am now a repeat customer, not only because of the beautiful way I was treated by the staff but also because of the super prices I paid.The painting was packed professionally and arrived unscathed and in perfect condition. I wholeheartedly recommed Rise Art Gallery. Very Pleased. Thank you!

Comission by KEF!
Comission by KEF!

Great experience. Beautifully curated art with great recommendations from the team.

They even made a special selection of pieces I might like just for me. Rise Art are not the only platform I've used to buy art, but they're my favourites right now. Recommended!.

Cactus Beach by Nadia Attura
Cactus Beach by Nadia Attura

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