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10 Artists That Love the Earth as Much as We Love Art

Earth Day is just around the corner. So today, we stop and pay attention to our planet as we celebrate the artists inspired by nature.

By Mandy Poernig

Earth Day is just around the corner, and for many, it’s a time to come together in support of the protection of earth, our home.

As my own way of paying homage to Earth Day, I’ve curated a selection of artists creating works inspired by Mother Nature, championing our environment in all its magnificence. Myriad works in the Rise Art gallery celebrate the beauty of our earth, so today, we stop and pay attention to our planet and showcase the artists dedicated to capturing nature.


An Ode to the Endangered

Violet Astor is one of my favourite artists in the gallery right now. Northern White Rhino was inspired by her discovery that there are only three Northern White Rhinos left in the world, and her large scale charcoal drawings truly celebrate the majesty and grace of the species.

Northern White Rhino by Violet Astor


For a more playful piece, David White’s dynamic animal paintings are full of texture and movement. I love the energy in this cheeky Orangutan character, and the diamond dust and gold leaf adornment utterly captivate the observer.

Orangutan (Hand Finished with Gold Leaf) by David White


I stumbled across Irene Hoff completely by chance, but was instantly struck by her series’ ‘Animal Extinction’ and ‘Animal Extravaganza’. Hoff integrates cheerfully colourful mixed materials into paintings or photographs, to show off the beauty and plight of animals.

Stocktake by Irene Hoff


Glacier and Mountain Mania

Nick Miners has (just a tiny) obsession with Iceland, and his aerial shots capture the stark beauty of this striking landscape. Geothermal and Sediment are favourites of mine, the unique aerial composition gives the observer a glimpse of naturally occurring patterns that can only be seen from above.

Sediment by Nick Miner


Now, if you enjoy the drama of nature, Energy Peak by Paris Ackrill has an almost celestial quality. Using pre-treated analogue film, she adorns a seemingly normal mountainscape with playful neon hues, bringing together the divergent yet striking combinations of nature and man-made concepts.

Energy Peak by Paris Ackrill


A Tree Lover's Utopia

Geoffrey Ansel Argons captures the beauty of our world through a lens, these works depict the calm stillness of the forest, with fog between the trees adding a rather haunting feel.

Left: The Age of Reinvention (left) and Tea Party (right) by Geoffrey Ansel Agrons


I have always found the endurance of trees fascinating, and Nadia Attura’s The Path to Methusela catalogues the world's oldest living trees; an astounding 4,800 years old and counting. If you like your art to tell a story then this is surely an enchanting one to share.

The Path to Methuselah by Nadia Attura


Oceanic Obsessions

Yuliya Martynova’s Blue Bay I Duo is a painterly take on aerial photography of the ocean. Her original paintings capture the emerald green and aqua blues of the tropical sea... *sighs* I can feel the calm of the ocean washing over me already.

Blue Bay I Duo by Yuliya Martynova

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