The Earth Day Edit

Curated by Rebecca Gordon

The Earth Day Edit showcases a range of original artworks inspired by the beauty and power of Mother Nature. Explore a collection of limited-edition artwork in honour of the Earth, hand-selected from emerging and established artists. Whether you’re in need of a sensational centrepiece to inspire your guests or an admirable accoutrement to enhance your space, dig into a complete selection of earthly [paintings[(, [prints[(, photography and more below.

Realistic Art

Realistic photographer Nick Miners is known for his spellbinding landscape shots. Fueled by a quest to take that evasive perfect photograph, Nick’s shots endeavour to capture the otherworldly beauty of Iceland. His striking aerial compositions, as seen in Geothermal, are perfect for those seeking something minimalist but with an edge.

Equally as stunning is the true-to-life Portrait of a Snow Leopard by Fine Art photographer Paul Coghlin. Paul stands out for his incredibly authentic portfolio, brimming with fierce felines like the above and his many forays into texture and symmetry. Widely celebrated for his dramatic scenes, Paul’s black and white photography is ablaze with intensity and promises to add a bold and sophisticated touch to any space.

Abstract Art

Influenced by Dada and surrealistic aesthetics, Louise McNaught creates animal portraits which are at once entirely unusual yet warm and endearing. Her Daliesque prints, such as Beautiful Beast, sing with colour, honouring the extraordinary beauty of nature with neon palettes and bold forms.

For tropical nature lovers. abstract oil paintings by Genevieve Leovold are undoubtedly worthy of note. Genevieve’s exploratory pieces weave together themes of the ephemeral, the eternal, time and transformation, and bare Eastern philosophical influences. There is something alluringly exotic about Call of The Wild, with its toasty pink hues and pearlescent, shell-like paint marks.

Mixed-Media Art

For interiors with a more sandy or ocherous colour scheme, consider expressionistic and mixed-media montages by Michelle Loa Kum Cheung. Her patchwork paintings hum with warm and nostalgic undertones. For example, Quiet Rebellion. Michelle favours tactility and raw materials such as wood in her landscapes, building on a tension between the real and the imagined.

Foraging for something truly personal and unique? Welcome breathtaking botanical prints like Acer Pseudoplatanus into your home. Inspired by Byzantine religious iconography and natural landscapes, experimental visual artist Robert Pereira Hind produces highly decorative mixed-media works with gold leaf and glazes. The organic materials employed oxidise and change over time, beautifully transforming the appearance of his works.

Impressionist Art

Impressionist painter Alison Johnson produces expressive and highly emotive paintings. Pregnant with the same immensity as the ominous calm before a storm, shimmering paintings such as Going Solo bring atmosphere and charm to any space.

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