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Whether the overcast sky of winter is getting you down or you’re simply dreaming of your next break, travel in your mind with our collection of Getaway Artworks. From brightly coloured paintings that showcase the beauty of far-away shores to cityscapes of exotic capitals, there’s something here to satisfy all kinds of wanderlust. While it might sometimes be hard to get away, art is always there to transport us to other places and spark our imagination.

The Getaway Artworks collection includes a diverse range of different artworks, all united by a common ability to inspire and have you dreaming of faraway places. Whether you’re a fan of abstract or prefer a more realistic approach, you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes here. Make use of our filters to narrow down your search according to size, price and orientation, and find the ideal artwork to suit any space and budget.

Missing the beach? Ruth Mulvie will take you there with the vivid colour palette and bold lines of her seaside scenes. A master of colour, Ruth mixes some of the most cheerful and beautifully complementary shades, making her paintings warm and inviting. Her paintings showcase utopian scenes with a kind of retro feel, showing women in vintage swimsuits and large sunglasses against quirky backdrops such as elephants at the watering hole. We love the sense of optimism that runs throughout her work, creating a sense that anything is possible.

If you’re intrigued by the far east, why not travel there in your mind with the artwork of Takashi Murakami. This well-known painter, sculptor and film-maker is a huge name in both his native Japan and overseas. Adopting a unique style that combines elements of traditional Japanese painting with the new culture of manga and anime, these artworks are like nothing you’ve seen before. You’ll recognise these pieces for their quirky cartoon motifs and use of bright colours, as well as their flat visual appearance. This appearance in fact resulted in the coining of the term ‘Superflat’, used to emphasise both the ‘flatness’ of Japanese visual art and symbolically the emptiness of consumer culture.

Alexandra Gallagher is a British artist working primarily with collage and prints. Her surreal style is both imaginative and captivating, showcasing images of ethereal female figures against fantastical backgrounds. There’s a strong symbolism underlying all of her artwork, taking on themes such as spirituality, religion, and feminism. She states the women of Western society as one of her primary sources of inspiration, and she approaches her work primarily from her experiences of this.

Experience the bright colours and lush fauna of Australia through the artwork of Susan Schmidt, an artist working mainly with paintings and prints. Her colourful artwork explores what she terms ‘seaburbia’, or the cultural memory and experiences of Australian beach houses. Each piece is imbued with a warm and sunny feeling, with palm trees, beach towels and surfboards featuring strongly as motifs. Her sense of geometry adds an extra layer of interest to her work, with interesting angles and a strong focus on symmetry.

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