The Yayoi Kusama Collection

Verity Babbs

Curated by Verity Babbs

The Yayoi Kusama collection was curated to bring together artworks on Rise Art that reflect Kusama’s unique and eye-catching style. Featuring abstract paintings, yellow artworks, and geometric sculptures, the collection showcases a range of styles, mediums and artists, offering something for every collector looking to have an element of Kusama in their interior.

About Yayoi Kusama

Born in Matsumoto, Japan, in 1929, Yayoi Kusama went on to become one of the world’s most celebrated Pop Artists, sculptors, painters, and female artists of all time. Following a traumatic childhood, Kusama found solace in drawing pictures of spots and pumpkins (inspired by her family’s work on a seed farm). These two motifs would last her whole career and become her visual calling card.

Artwork Selection

The Yayoi Kusama Edit features a collection of paintings, prints, mixed media works and more, all echoing varying elements of Kusama’s iconic style. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms at Tate Modern, our curator Verity Babbs curates a collection of works with a strong ‘dot’ aesthetic, yellow works and abstract collages.

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