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      Art Inspired by Francis Bacon

      Verity Babbs

      Curated by Verity Babbs

      To coincide with the Royal Academy of Arts’ current exhibition, we’ve curated a collection that celebrates the approach, subjects and palette of Francis Bacon. Browse the collection and discover dramatic abstracts, atmospheric cityscapes and dynamic portrait paintings that capture Bacon’s iconic style.

      About Francis Bacon

      Francis Bacon was a Irish-born artist working throughout the twentieth century. Known for his visceral portraits and abstract painterly style, Bacon has become one of the most influential painters of the last hundred years. Bacon’s fascination with the human body has formed much of his work, and distorted faces, ambiguous bodies and animalistic features prevail in his paintings.

      The Francis Bacon Collection

      Lee Ellis’ abstract portraits take much of their inspiration from Bacon’s approach to portraiture. Lee’s paintings express the inner turmoil and pain of his characters, in which he uses an expressive technique to distort elements of the face. Brenda Ullrich creates paintings that convey a sense of illusion, inviting the viewer to look closer and form their own narrative. Texture is integral to Brenda’s paintings, as she works in oils to build layers to her paintings, and never seeks to hide her brushstrokes.

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