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        Curated Collection: The Yayoi Kusama Edit

        Discover our curator's latest selection of works that echo elements of Yayoi Kusama's style.

        By Rise Art | 27 Oct 2021

        The Yayoi Kusama Edit features a collection of paintings, prints, mixed media works and more, all echoing varying elements of Kusama’s iconic style. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms at Tate Modern, our curator Verity Babbs curates a collection of works with a strong ‘dot’ aesthetic, yellow works and abstract collages.

        The Yayoi Kusama Edit follows on from similar collections inspired by Hockney, Rothko, van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. You can see all our collections here

        We’ve highlighted a few artists featured in the Yayoi Kusama Edit below.


        Pablo Sinaí

        Contratiempo by Pablo Sinaí

        Pablo Sinaí is an Argentinian artist known for his large scale abstract paintings. His paintings are angular and colourful, taking elements of geometric abstraction to form works that question our perception of reality. Pablo’s work devles into human consciousness and the confines of temporality. Contratiempo is perhaps one of Pablo’s most pared-back works, working as a Statement Piece in an open space.


        Nadia Attura

        Cactus Sun by Nadia Attura

        Nadia Attura is a photographer and printmaker, capturing scenes of nature in bright and colourful botanical pieces. Nadia takes elements of the natural world, presenting them in a whimsical and surrealist way. Her prints and photographs are similar, characterised by vibrant colours, layered forms and otherworldly scenes. 


        Bruce McLean

        Untitled by Bruce McLean

        Bruce McLean is a leading contemporary artist, working across painting, print and mixed media, often combining different elements within different works. He will regularly add collage and hand-painted motifs to his works or work directly onto surfaces such as paper and wooden boards. 

        Bruce uses formal and conventional artistic language to mock the art world. With an approach that is both provocative and probing, Bruce constantly seeks to challenge the traditions of art, frequently using satire to parody the inbuilt hierarchies of artistic customs.

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