The Matisse Collection


Curated by Cecile Martet

The Matisse collection brings together artworks that show a glimmer of Henri Matisse's experimentation with colour, interest in domestic subject matter, and skill at the abstract expressionist, Fauvist portrait.

60 Years of Change

Henri Matisse, born in 1869, worked in various styles throughout his career spanning 60 years. He is best remembered for his vibrant use of colours, whether it be during his ‘cut-outs’ phase or his work as a key Fauvist. Matisse moved to Paris to become a lawyer in the late 1880s, but following being diagnosed with appendicitis in 1889 he began to paint and decided to pursue art as a career instead (much to the disapproval of his father). Diagnosed with cancer of the stomach in 1941, Matisse was left chair- and bedbound following surgery. This new limitation in movement led him to a new style for which he’d always be remembered – decoupage and cut-paper collages. The artist referred to this process as “drawing with scissors” and viewed it as engaging with colour in its purest form.

Artwork Selection

We have gathered a collection of artwork across painting, print, and collage that give a nod to the style of Henri Matisse, his influence, and his artistic passions.

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