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        The Urbanite Collection


        Curated by Rise Art Insiders

        Introducing the Urbanite Collection; our curated online selection of paintings, prints, drawings and photographs that showcase original works of art for you to discover today. Whether you’re looking to unearth innovative street art paintings or large scale Pop Art prints, this collection is the perfect guide to explore the biggest names in the urban art scene. Our Urbanite collection was curated for those who thrive off the hustle and bustle of city life, for those who love the frenzy of the urban jungle and those who want to immerse themselves in the energy of their favourite metropolis.

        The Urbanite Collection isn’t just for the city dwellers among us, it’s also for people who live away from the city and want to incorporate the excitement of urban living into the interiors of their home. So many of the pieces in our Urbanite Collection celebrate cities and take on the identity of their subjects. Whether iconising the London bus, or reflecting the beauty found in the cracks of abandoned buildings, each piece in the Urbanite Collection exists to celebrate a particular aspect of urban life.

        If it’s an original piece of documentary photography you’re after, Tomas Cambas is a good place to start. Tomas presents that which is so often overlooked, and reflects the beauty to be found in the everyday. Playing on light, colour and composition, Tomas imparts stillness on his scenes, and gives a quiet tone to urban settings. There’s a geometric element that comes into play in Tomas’s work, as he focuses on the interactions between shape and line. The selection of Tomas’s photographs in the Urbanite Collection are intriguing in the way they capture outdoor scenes that resemble the walls of galleries. Works such as P, H and S have a clear rectangular focal point that evokes the appearance of a painting on the wall in an exhibition.

        Another artist blurring the boundaries of mediums is British oil painter, Georgia Peskett. Georgia’s refined figurative style resembles that of a photograph, both through her technique and her perspective. Whether responding to scenes in London, New York or San Francisco, Georgia’s paintings capture the transience of city life, and the fleeting moments that form the identity of a place. Both Tomas and Georgia’s art is unique in the Urbanite Collection as both artists work to depict otherwise unnoticed moments in city life.

        Ben Eine, on the other hand, creates art to embellish a city, rather than responding to it. His famous typography works have decorated streets, shops and shutters throughout London. Ben typically fragments words in his art, and in doing so encourages the viewer to consider them more so than if they were laid out in a linear structure. Typography is often synonymous with urban art, from its presence in graffiti, to its place in everyday signage. Rebecca Mason has also explored this, and uses neon lighting to draw out the darker aspects of wording and typography.

        The Urbanite Collection consists of pieces that stop you in your tracks, and reveal something new about the identity of a city. From prints that celebrate the feel of a place, to paintings that distil moments of urban living onto a canvas, our Urbanite Collection makes it easy for you to discover exciting new art to buy online today.

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