Polish Artists

Discover Polish Artists. At once reflecting the general artistic movements of Europe and the unique character of their own country, Polish artists have been producing interesting work for centuries. The country has been particularly defined by the Young Poland movement at the turn of the 20th Century, a modernist wave that swept through visual arts, literature and music. The Paintings, Sculpture and other artwork of this period promoted trends of Impressionism and art nouveau, revolutionising the creative perspectives of Polish artists.

These days there are plenty of contemporary artists from Poland to discover. No matter if you’re looking for Photography for sale or are more interested in Collage this country has plenty to offer art collectors. We’ve brought together some of the best artists defining the scene today, so make use of our search and filter functions to find the perfect artwork for you.

Get to know the world of Magdalena Morey, a truly international artist who was born in Poland but now lives and works in Spain. She works in an Abstract Expressionist style, creating Mixed Media Paintings that speak of themes such as travel and the emotions that accompany this. We love her experimental approach; Magdalena is unafraid to mix a variety of different media, including watercolour, gold leaf and acrylic to create canvases that are alive with colour and texture.

Contemporary artist Andrzej Szymczyk was born in Krakow and recently relocated to London. Focusing on Bronze Sculptures, Andrzej depicts animals and human figures in a Realistic style. The attention to detail and craftmanship that goes into each of his artworks is astounding, whether he’s working on the scales of a fish or the sinewy muscles of a horse.

Multitalented Ryszard Wasko works with a variety of different media, ranging from Photography to Collage and sometimes incorporating these together. Through clever digital manipulation and eye-catching colour palettes, Ryszard creates work that is at once visually appealing and challenging in content. His work has consistently broken boundaries in the way that it addresses the artist’s role, crossing borders between different styles and movements.

Working with Paintings and Prints, Michal Cygan is another Polish artist to watch. His training in graphic design has clearly influenced the style of his paintings, which often take on a graphic style in their approach to colour and perspective. Michal is a diverse artist who has not limited himself to one style or subject, depicting everything from Nudes to Cityscapes.

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    Featured Artists
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    Ewelina Skowronska

    B. 1980

    Michal Cygan

    B. 1989

    Dorota Jedrusik

    B. 1981

    Milena Paladino

    B. 1985

    Malwina Chabocka

    B. 1984

    Magdalena Morey

    B. 1974

    Dariusz Bulak

    United Kingdom
    B. 1973

    Tomasz Cichowski

    B. 1971

    Joanna Pilarczyk

    United Kingdom
    B. 1980

    Ryszard Wasko

    B. 1951

    Jacek Malinowski

    B. 1969

    Karolina Zglobicka

    B. 1988

    Hanna Sidorowicz

    B. 1960

    Sylwia Avola

    B. 1973

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