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Pedro Correa

With a diverse body of work that has spread far and wide from his native Spain, Pedro Correa is a photographer to watch. After graduating in oil painting and comic art, he had a change of direction and decided to focus his attention on impressionistic photography instead. Pedro’s fine art training is evident throughout his work, where he masterfully plays with light, composition and ephemeral subjects to capture what can be termed ‘the decisive moment’.

Education and Career

Beginning his artistic journey with a degree in oil painting from the Royal Academy of Beaux Arts in Brussels, Pedro Correa went on to take the world of contemporary photography by storm. He has exhibited in group shows and solo shows alike, in cities such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, to name just a few. Pedro also completed a PhD in Image Processing at UCL University in London, where he learned more about the art of infusing emotions into his photography.

Private Collections Featuring Pedro Correa

Not only has Pedro exhibited in international galleries, but you’ll also find some of his Cityscape Photography in a number of important private collections. These range from multinational companies such as Skanska in the USA or Winton Capital in the UK to private individuals like the fashion designer Édouard Vermeulen.

Find out more about the artist and his process in our article The Decisive Moment, with Pedro Correa where he discusses the importance of timing and intuition when capturing the perfect moment.

"I like Pedro Correa’s work because it brings into modern day the idea of the decisive moment, the use of photography to capture a perfect point in time and space, situating this point in such a way as to reveal its significance. This seems to come naturally in his photographs, which are never digitally altered and stylistically borrow equally from impressionist painting and social realist photography."

Phin Jennings - Rise Art Curator

Artworks by Pedro Correa

Pedro Correa

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