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      Tobias Till's prints, the 'Alphabet of London' make fantastic gifts - match the letter to the recipient's first name.
      Tobias's work suits spaces which mix vintage and modern design.
      These are high quality, limited edition linocuts by a skilled and recognised London artist

      Tobias Till is a British printmaker with a deep love of London. He expresses his fascination with the changing city through wonderful linocuts capturing the capital's history alongside present day developments.

      His works combine beautiful muted tones with skilfully drawn black outlines. They are a pleasure to own. It's no surprise that Tobias exhibits regularly in London and his work is recognised in prestigious circles: Christies, the Royal Academy, Bankside Galleries, and Mall Galleries. He was even commissioned by Portcullis House to create a print for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. His work is also held by the Ashmolean Collection in Oxford. This is one very fine London artist.

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