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        Benjamin Gemini


        Art has always been an integral part of Benjamin's life having been exhibiting and selling his art works since 2009. Over the years his work has evolved with his own experience of life which has guided him to his current phase of creativity under the name Benjamin Gemini which makes up a group of artistic persona's under The Caleb Family. This collective allows the artist to explore creative ideas, emotions and decode the world we live in through his creative practice of painting, drawing, video and performance. The paintings should be viewed as a complex rich esoteric tapestry of visions, visitations, meditations, astral projections, dream realms, pop culture programming, paranormal, mysteries, extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, prophecy, conspiracy, legend, myths, relics, history, religion and spirituality. All presented in an expansive universe of colourful characters and scenes that take influences from visionary, sci fi, pop and surrealist art. The work exists as a way to psychically survive in this chaotic world by excercising the mind to create a picture plane where an event happens as a colourful, raw artistic visual image and textual stream of consciousness.

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