Benjamin Jensen

Benjamin Jensen laid the foundation for his art from his teens, while he was involved in punk, hardcore and local skate scene of the late 90's early 2000's.
Benjamin was honoured by esteemed writer Will Self after he produced several pieces inspired by the authors 'Psychogeography' book.
Benjamin's illustration works have also appeared in a diverse range of publications, and he has worked with record labels, design agencies and film productions.

I feel I've always made art in my life, as a result I see myself as a self taught outsider. From felt tip drawings and colouring books to illustrating, cutting and pasting zines, flyers and mix tapes together during my teens while involved in the punk/hardcore scene of the late 90's/early 2000's it all laid a foundation for where I am at this point.

My paintings have a raw edge, on salvaged wood and scruffy canvass they’re not quiet, blend into the background hotel art, they’re not a traditional stuffy greeting card art and they go beyond the stencil of urban art. They're paintings that don’t sit quietly on your wall, they talk in tongue’s and ramble in riddles. They spit obscene colours and ignore compositional rules. Inspired by music, films, cartoons, books, travel and personal memories I try to make some sense through a combination of painterly techniques, bold illustration and found objects, Visualising events to create narrative and add to the chaotic visual language.

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