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      Tim Goffe paints the urban environment with the perceptive eye of a photographer and the painterly style of an artist.
      Tim paints his subjects with a photographic eye, expertly capturing fleeting moments in oil on canvas.
      Tim has been consistently chosen for the Royal Academy Summer Shows, requested by Grayson Perry and Barbara Rae to be hung in the main salon.

      Photographer-cum-painter Tim Goffe is a prominent British artist on the contemporary art scene who looks for beauty in forgotten spaces and inspiration in the mundane. His oil paintings revitalise typically unremarkable industrial settings with a creative use of light and colour.

      Education and Early Career

      Tim studied Fine Art in Brighton before making the decision to move to London and assert himself as a photographer. The artist gained experience in various industries including film, advertising, publishing, and architecture before eventually establishing himself as a painter, a role which he now pursues full-time in Wimbledon, London.

      Tim Goffe’s Style and Practice

      Tim paints with a discerning, photographer's eye. His abstract landscape paintings such as Aggregates, Greenwich, oil on canvas, provide a snapshot of inner city locations and architecture normally overlooked and ignored. Urbanite pockets of quiet and desolate industrial settings are beautified, giving life to previously uninviting destinations. Expressive mark-making techniques and a refined balance of precision and exploration consistently characterise Tim’s work.

      Prizes and Exhibitions

      Tim has been selected for the last four Royal Academy Summer Shows, including this year's “Winter Exhibition". In 2018, he was hung in the main salon by Grayson Perry and in Barbara Rae’s room in 2019. His works have been displayed at competitive open shows including the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize, The Threadneedle Prize, the RBA Open and the Discerning Eye. In 2014, Tim won the Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize for: Draughtsmanship, Variety and Exploration, and has since been shortlisted for a variety of other prestigious and noteworthy awards

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