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Kasimir Malevitch


Russian painter, & nbsp; Kasimir Malevitch & Nbsp; (1878-1935) is considered one of the most emblematic artists of & nbsp; abstract art. Nbsp; Kiev, the artist settled in 1904 at & nbsp; Moscow. He first works as & nbsp; Industrial designer & nbsp; before studying drawing and attending Kiev’s painting school at the age of 17. career with several artistic styles. His first paintings, & nbsp; figurative, are & nbsp; impressionists & nbsp; and expressionist. From 1915, the artistic and plastic concerns of Malevitch evolve. Increasingly opposed to traditional and academic art, the artist chooses & nbsp; reject figuration & nbsp; for the benefit of an & nbsp; world without object. So, Malevitch radicalizes increasingly his compositions, which are now intended to be & nbsp ; abstract. He presents for the first time during & nbsp; the exhibitions 0.10 & nbsp; in Petrograd a set of 39 works which he calls "& nbsp; supremacies & nbsp;".

Selected Works

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