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Sonia Delaunay


Sonia Delaunay, née Sara Illinitchna Stern, is a Ukrainian painter born in Gradzihsk on November 14, 1885. Coming from a modest family, she was adopted at the age of 5 by her uncle Terk, a lawyer from Saint Petersburg. The girl is therefore growing in a wealthy environment where she learns French and German and discovers impressionism during her vacation in Finland. She moved to Paris in 1905, where the Fauvist and the Postimpressionist currents inspired her first paintings, including "Philomène" (1907). His first marriage with Wilhelm Uhde in 1908 allowed her to integrate the influential literary and artistic circles, where She met the one who became her second husband in November 1909: & nbsp; Robert Delaunay. Their son Charles was born on January 18, 1910. Sonia and Robert Delaunay developed together their own pictorial current, Orphism, an abstract movement born of & nbsp; cubism & nbsp; and characterized by the association of very bright colors and geometric forms of cubism. Quite, fastly, Sonia Delaunay opens to other forms of expression than painting. With her husband, she participates in the creation of ballets, in particular in cooperation with & nbsp; Diaghilev and befriends the "Band in Delaunay" where, among others, and Nbsp; Tristan Tzara & Nbsp; and Philippe Soupault. Creator of fashion and ceramics, his work, continued at the death of Robert in 1941, earned him the honor in 1964 to be the first woman honored with a retrospective at the Musée du & Nbsp; Louvre & nbsp; Decorated with the Legion of Honor in 1975, it died in Paris on December 5, 1979.

Selected Works

Robe, Rythme, Triangle

Prints - 57x46 cm

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