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Isabelle Becker's artistic journey began at the School of Fine Arts in Toulon, where she discovered and embraced materials such as clay, modeling wax, and bronze. Her creative process took a serendipitous turn one day when she accidentally spilled coffee on a page, transforming this mishap into a catalyst for her imaginative drawings. This experience liberated her from the constraints of reality and subject matter, alleviating the anxiety of the blank page.

Over time, Becker transitioned to larger formats, enriching her works with faces and characters that inhabit the canvas or paper. Her fascination with the human figure, particularly specific body parts, underscores her artistic exploration. Initially employing the "dripping" technique for backgrounds, she ventured into projections, drips, and stains, thus creating a gestural abstraction that complements her figurative graphic expression, predominantly executed in India ink.

In her terracotta sculptures, Becker prefers a raw modeling technique known as "fil", capturing the body's posture and expression that inspire her creations. These sculptures are meticulously fired and glazed to achieve their final form. Her bronze sculptures, renowned for their expressiveness, are crafted using the lost wax method, with the initial modeling of wax preceding the casting process at the Venturi Foundry in Italy.

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    Sans titre by Isabelle Becker
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    Sans titre by Isabelle Becker

    Sans titre

    Paintings - 60x50 cm
    Pièce érotique by Isabelle Becker

    Pièce érotique

    Sculpture - 6x9 cm
    Pièce érotique by Isabelle Becker

    Pièce érotique

    Sculpture - 7x5 cm
    Kamasutra 11 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 11

    Sculpture - 9x7 cm
    Kamasutra 5 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 5

    Sculpture - 6x8 cm
    Kamasutra 3 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 3

    Sculpture - 4x10 cm
    Kamasutra 6 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 6

    Sculpture - 5x11 cm
    Kamasutra 8 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 8

    Sculpture - 6x7 cm
    Kamasutra 7 by Isabelle Becker

    Kamasutra 7

    Sculpture - 8x11 cm

    Kamasutra 9

    Sculpture - 3x11 cm

    Sans titre

    Sculpture - 3x4 cm

    Sans titre 15

    Sculpture - 12x7 cm

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