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Rong Guo


Rong Guo was born in Shanghai in 1979 she completed a first cycle of university studies of visual communication in 2001 at the University of Shanghai. Wishing to perfect her technique in engraving as in painting, she arrived in France in 2003 and enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. For 5 years, she specialized in engraving and graduated in 2009, with good mention. She has been working at the counterpoint workshop since she has been working in Paris. Today, she works in her own engraving workshop in the 13th arrondissement, she handles the color as much as black and white, with chisel and the-size size her works tend to divert daily life in a humorous way and thus allow to take distance from small events often felt as dramatic.

Selected Works

Partout, la vie II

Prints - 15x15 cm

Partout, la vie I

Prints - 15x15 cm

Smog 3 couleur

Prints - 50x40 cm


Prints - 15x20 cm

Jetez moi dans le ciel

Prints - 50x50 cm

Réflexion d’automne

Paintings - 50x40 cm

Fake truth

Prints - 40x30 cm

Femme de glace 1

Prints - 30x30 cm

Sinking 2

Prints - 65x50 cm


Prints - 75x56 cm

Mauvaise pose

Drawings - 51x35 cm

Cadre temporel 3

Drawings - 51x35 cm

La joie de vivre

Prints - 50x40 cm

la douce nuit

Prints - 15x20 cm

Sinking III

Prints - 60x40 cm


Paintings - 20x20 cm


Paintings - 18x24 cm


Paintings - 20x30 cm

Cadre Temporel II

Drawings - 45x33 cm

Non-Dualité III

Paintings - 45x35 cm

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