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Yu Zhao


Yu Zhao is a painter specializing in abstraction. His painting is intended to be a pre-historic field of writing. Yu Zhao Rebroose Chemin to grasp the source of the art of the brush. A Chinese heritage Born in Beijing and installed in France for 20 years, Yu Zhao has received a double training in Western and Chinese arts. During his journey, the artist meets contemporary dance and is inspired by his approach and his philosophy. Yu Zhao has paid passionate research on the writings in the pictorial art in ancient China in passionate: these reflections have become the sources of truth for its creation. According to the ancient Chinese masters, each calligraphic trait was compared to a "surreal" image. His painting is thus a place of experimentation and meditation. Under an identical style, each painting reveals a unique universe. The templera, ancestral technique The main medium of Yu Zhao is the templera (egg painting), ancestral technique of the West, used in particular in the art of icons, by Italian artists of the Renaissance, but which is also found in large Modern masters (Klee, Picasso Rothko ...). Close to the wash, the temperature gives transparent and bright bursts. Mythical and spiritual, it is also one of the most solid and durable paintings. Yu Zhao painted on thick watercolor or design paper, then marouflaged on canvas. The word of the sinologist Léon Vandermeersch "What was freed from Chinese art was ideography. And it is in this movement that Yu Zhao is an artist resolutely today while remaining much more authentically Chinese than most other contemporary Chinese artists. These [...] began to delicate their inks by dislocating the Chinese characters to recompose the graphemes. Yu Zhao, she, instead of breaking the ideograms, dates back to their source, "beyond the line" as said the title of one of his exhibitions. »»

  • Léon Vandermeersch (sinologist)

Selected Works

Storm and refuge

Paintings - 35x25 cm

One's field

Paintings - 30x25 cm

Dust and river

Paintings - 25x18 cm


Paintings - 25x30 cm

Vallée rouge

Paintings - 65x25 cm

Paysage juvénile

Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 65x25 cm

Château dans le ciel

Paintings - 39x30 cm

Pays natal

Paintings - 60x90 cm

Ravin et ombrage

Paintings - 75x150 cm

Île idyllique

Paintings - 75x150 cm

Vallée de l'insouciance

Paintings - 65x25 cm


Paintings - 40x40 cm

Terre chatoyante

Paintings - 100x50 cm


Paintings - 40x40 cm

Montagne aux temples

Paintings - 42x19 cm

Clair de lune

Paintings - 33x27 cm


Paintings - 25x65 cm

Cascade glacé

Paintings - 150x75 cm


Paintings - 32x23 cm

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