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      Olya Tereschuk


      Within Olya's art practice she tries and explores nature in its most calm moments. Fog, lakes, rain – water in its different form is what catches her attention. What excites her the most in the subject is the feeling of complete serenity and calmness versus power and control at the same time. Through her work Olya tries and explores this very duality of nature and how it is connected to one’s mental state. Just as it is in Nature - rhythm, cyclicality and regularity are neighbors to unpredictability, chance and unknown, embroidery in the paintings is used as an opposition to a soft and loose paint washes. Water in her practice is often the main element whose soft flow usually dictates the development of the process. Olya builds composition on familiar to our eyes natural landscape forms then taking the viewer to an imaginary world of shapes and reflections where they can relax and meditate. Meanwhile raw canvas and embroidery give that touchy and natural feeling to an artwork. Recently Olya found herself drawn to collage techniques as well. She fell in love with the textures that are achievable when working with both: paper and textile. Now Olya is finding her way to connect the existing subject with collages and find a new way to communicate her ideas.

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