Gyuri Szabo

Gyuri Szabo is both a commercial and artistic photographer.
Gyuri won the PDN Photography Award in 2012.
Gyuri is known for his high-contrast, monochromatic style.

International photographer Gyuri Szabo has lived all over the world, from his birthplace Hungary to his education in the United States, to 15 years living in Asia and to his current location in the UK. With both a commercial and artistic career path, Gyuri works with all kinds of photography, taking subjects such as cities, architecture and people and putting his own unique stamp on them. He has a striking visual language that is defined by his use of high contrast and frequent black and white palette, which makes his subjects stand out against their backdrop and offers new perspectives on familiar scenes.

Gyuri Szabo’s Career

Gyuri is a successful photographer in many senses, working in both the commercial and artistic spheres. He is largely self educated, teaching himself in diverse educations from San Francisco to Bangkok to develop his style of architectural photography. His personal photography business was born in Bangkok, where the buzz of the city inspired him to capture the street scenes that surrounded him.

Awards and Exhibitions

Gyuri Szabo has exhibited his documentary photography at the Black Box Gallery in Seattle, USA, and has won numerous awards throughout his career. These awards include the PDN Photography Award in New York City and an honorable mention for street photography at the Monochrome Awards.

Selected Works

Not the Guggenheim by Gyuri Szabo

Not the Guggenheim

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