Gyuri Szabo


Hungarian born, US educated, 15 years living and working in Asia, now UK based. I spent almost 20 years working in advertising working for some of the legends and took the plunge 12 years ago to move full time into photography.

I launched my business whilst based in the buzzing heart of Bangkok and had a visual cacophony to experiment with. I have always had a passion for black and white and street photography really being captivated by shape and shadow so when I create images I’m usually drawn towards high contrast, lines, dark tones and monochrome.

An image works if it moves something inside me. I usually see or create a scene and visualize the final picture in my head. I love the process from the first click till the final image. There are often times when I end up in a different place from my first vision and I like to play with this until it’s something I connect with. Then there are the times when it’s exactly what I wanted in shot one. I don’t like to manipulate too much and always stay close to the original impression.

I’ve been recognized and received awards from PDN Photo Annual, Monovision Photography Awards and Monochrome Awards. Some examples of the photographers who’s work I admire are: Fan Ho, Ralph Gipson, Robert Mappletorpe, Helmut Newton, Ansel Admas, however my inspiration comes from all kinds of art: work by other photographers, paintings, sculptures, music & films.

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