Andrew McAttee

Andrew McAttee has worked for big brands such as Sony and Nike.
Andrew McAttee is well known in the graffiti scene as ‘STET’.
Andrew’s work has been featured in publications like The Observer, The Independent and Time Out.

Following his studies in London, British artist Andrew McAttee has gone on to take the art world by storm. His unique blend of Pop Art and Street Art creates a signature style that is not easily forgotten. These Abstract Prints are bursting with colour, making use of a vibrant palette and bold, cartoonlike lines for a high visual impact. You’ll also spot some of the comic book lettering that is so typical of the pop art style, making these artworks nostalgic and cutting edge in equal measure.

Andrew McAttee’s Career

Andrew McAttee was trained at London’s prestigious Central St Martins, where studied a degree in Fine Art. He is also well known in the graffiti scene under the moniker ‘STET’, making him well versed in both urban art and more traditional techniques. Incorporating aspects of Abstract Expressionism and a fresh, urban style, Andrew’s art is an interesting amalgamation of styles. This unique look has earned him various notable commissions, including from big brands such as Sony and Nike. He has also been featured in numerous publications such as The Observer, The Independent and Time Out.


Andrew’s Screen Prints and Paintings have featured in numerous solo shows in cities across the world, ranging from New York to Paris to the Middle East.

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