Artist Interviews

Read artist interviews featuring some of the most exciting established and emerging figures in the art world. Our conversations with contemporary artists get to the heart of what makes them tick, exploring the development of their style, their inspirations and the stories behind their recent work. Discover our artist interviews to get to know the people whose works that you can browse and buy in our online store.

Our top artist interviews

One of our most popular recent interviews was a talk with Nelson Makamo, a South African painter and winner of 2018’s Rise Art Prize known for his expressive portraits. Our conversation with Kelvin Okafor, who creates intricate photorealistic pencil portraits, dove into his unique fusion of the technical and the conceptual. You may also enjoy our interview with Fred Ingrams, in which he discusses both his technical process and what drew him to start painting the Fens.

Interviews you won’t want to miss

Among our contemporary artist interviews, you will find our Q&A with Philip Vaughan, author of the landmark 48ft-tall Light Tower which graced the London skyline from 1972 to 2008. You can read about the machinations and motivations driving rising star Anna Sofie Jesperson. Our interview with Mark Chadwick may also be of interest, where the colour master shines a light on the inspiration behind his vibrant abstract paintings.

Peter Haslam Fox

This week we chat to multi-award-winning watercolour artist, Peter Haslam Fox, about leopard seals, his views on art school, his influences, and more!

Studio Visit with Charlotte Evans

Rise Art joins painter Charlotte Evans in her Brooklyn studio.

Rise Art's Guide to the Venice Biennale

We give our our Insider picks to make your trip to Venice all that it should be.

Happy Birthday Salvador Dali

Rise Art insider Katherine Mellor writes about the luminous surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí.

Spotlight On: Michelle Mildenhall

Using layered sheets of latex as her medium, Michelle Mildenhall creates bold portraits of iconic women archetypes – with just a bit of a subversive twist

New Arrivals

Rise Art curator Rebecca Gordon talks us through her top picks of what's new this month on Rise Art.

Introducing Algy Brinton

New to Rise Art, peripatetic photographer Algy Brinton is featured in the Sunday Times Magazine.

Spotlight on Sarah Thomas

We turn the spotlight on Sarah Thomas. Mixing a bit of fashion with a bit of the surreal, Sarah's enchanting collages are as compelling as they are disorientating.

Rise Art Q&A: KEF!

The works of German street artist KEF! grace the walls of London, Bristol, Berlin, Paris, and Tel Aviv. The flowing linear nature of KEF!’s work is inspired by organic forms found in nature which radiate vibrant energy which is tempered by the soft colouring amidst the strong black outlines. Lines are so integral to KEF!’s compositions that he often titles his work after the number of lines within them.

Spotlight On: Fernando Velazquez

We chat to the self taught Spanish artist about his influences, his inspirations, and the experience of viewing work immersed in silence.