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Among our top news stories of 2021 so far, you can learn about contemporary LGBTQ+ artists embracing diversity and celebrating queerness through their art. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with international showcases with reports such as our exhibitions to kick-off a new decade.

8 Artworks That Love London Fashion Week

It’s possibly one of the most underrated love affairs of all time. Throughout history, fashion and art have collided and combined with exceptional results; and this dynamic relationship has never been more prevalent than at London Fashion Week.

When Less is More

We’re very excited to welcome Dirk Petzold as today's guest curator. The Dresden-based designer, illustrator and founder of the renowned online magazine WE AND THE COLOR is at home in the realm of discovery and bringing new talent to light. Here Dirk shares his story and, importantly, his Rise Art wish list.

Five Photographers Who Test the Limits

On 19 August 1839, the patent for the Daguerreotype - the first photographic process - was released to the world. And we have the French government of the time to thank. Merci. Photography has come a long way and we tend to take for granted the technological leaps and bounds that have happened over the past century and three quarters. We spotlight five artists who push photography even further, testing the limits of subject and technique.

10 Artworks to Take You Around the World

There is nothing more gorgeous than a piece of artwork that transports you to another place, takes you across the world, or back to that perfect vacation spot. This collection of 10 works will allow you a jaunt around the world from the comfort of your home, and keep that vacation feeling on your walls for a lifetime.

Rise Art Roundup

Happy birthday Frida Kahlo! Read about Matt Crump and Cody Choi at the Brixton Urban Art Fair and catch up on what's new this week.

10 Graduates to Watch

We love degree show season, and all of the hype has got us looking back on some of the recent grads on Rise Art to see all the exciting things they’ve been getting up to. Here is a list of 10 recent graduates worth investing in!

Meet Katie Tsouros

We’re welcoming Katie and the Artfetch community to Rise Art! Rise Art is excited to announce our merger with Artfetch - a like-minded and curated online art marketplace - and to welcome Katie to the team as Brand Marketing Manager! Read all about her daily inspirations, tips on how to spot great artistic talent and see some of her favourite works on Rise Art.

London City Airport Commission: Gerry Buxton

To commemorate the recent sale of London City Airport, printmaker Gerry Buxton was commissioned to create a screen print capturing the airport in all its glory. A limited edition run of 30 prints are now available to buy online!

Rise Art Featured in Mashable | British Airways' Ultimate Guide to London

British Airways recently quizzed Rise Art co-founder Scott Phillips about some of his favourite London hangouts! Mashable featured this ultimate guide to a city break in London as part of their 'Let's Explore' series. Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out the article!

Bruce McLean at the Tate Britain

'Conceptual Art in Britain 1964-1979' opens this week at the Tate Britain. Rise Art's very own Bruce McLean is included in the exhibition, with some of his groundbreaking early works being shown alongside the likes of Victor Burgin and Keith Arnatt. This week we're celebrating the best of British, showcasing Rise Art's most prominent British conceptual artists!