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Among our top news stories of 2021 so far, you can learn about contemporary LGBTQ+ artists embracing diversity and celebrating queerness through their art. Alternatively, you can stay up to date with international showcases with reports such as our exhibitions to kick-off a new decade.

The Surreal Side to Street Art

Director of Curious Duke Gallery, Eleni Duke blogged for us on The Surreal Side to Street Art, a movement she claims, is most likely associated with artists such as Dali, Ernst and Kahlo and not normally with the urban Art that, in its growing birth legitimacy, is taking the art world by storm.

Somewhere over the Liquid Rainbow

Because we like colour and stuff, we blogged about Edwin Deen's liquid rainbow, which is in fact, a garden sprinkler. Liquid Rainbow plays with the tension that occurs when the sun on a rainy day sends its rays to the earth and fills the sky with the elusive promise of a rainbow.

Blogger of the Moment: Courtney Price

Our Blogger of the Moment today is Courtney Price, a New Orleans native's interior designer who blogs about homestyle, home decor and interior design, but also about art, recipes and entertainment. We've asked her some questions to learn more about her and what she describes as her eclectic style...

Irby Pace: POP!

Texas-based photographer Irby Pace, in his optically stimulating series, Pop!, re-appropriates typical landscapes such as open fields, long roads, vast bodies of water and shrouded alleyways. Through incorporating the use of artificial clouds, often seen in surreal, conceptual photography, Pace is able to give the ordinary subject a hypnotic kick.

Rise Art Raises Funds for the National Youth Arts Trust

Rise Art recently collaborated on a charity auction with the National Youth Arts Trust. Eighteen of our artists contributed works.

Rise Art Members' Choice

We've done our stats and here are the Top 5 most favourited pieces on Rise Art this month.

Mychael Barratt: Notes From the Underground

A full key to all 270 underground destinations and illustrations by printmaker Mychael Barratt

Video Pick: Ibrahim El-Salahi's 'The Inevitable'

Tate exhibiting artist El-Salahi's masterpiece, The Inevitable, was first conceived by the artist during his wrongful imprisonment. Here's a video introduction to El-Salahi's work.

The 5 Coolest Art Youtube Channels

So you're very confused; entangled in the vidiotic enigma that is Youtube and its many channels. All you want is the very best Art channels, cherry-picked, ready to go? Well you know what?... We've found them for you.

Best of Summer 2013

It's almost time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall! Until then, here are our picks of summery artworks from this season that, we hope, will bring a little bit of sunshine in your hearth...