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Top 10 Artists to watch in 2014

We've compiled a list of the Top Artists on Rise Art that you should be keeping your eye on in 2014. They're a diverse bunch, some male, others female and from all over the world. Each had a standout 2013, with much more to come in the new year. Read on to find out who made the cut and why they should be on your radar in the next 12 months.

By Charlotte Broomfield | 09 Jan 2014

Super Future Kid - Call me Wendy

Super Future Kid

Call Me Wendy

Super Future Kid

Super Future Kid was born in East Germany in 1981, she studied at the School of Art Berlin, the Chelsea College London and is currently based in London, England. Super Future Kid's work poses as a playground in a dreamlike reality filled with trash, kitsch, strangeness, surprise and wonder. Already an internet sensation, we're convinced her punchy paintings are going to be a hit in 2014.

Pink Posing Patti - Richard Walker

Richard walker

Pink Posing Patti

Richard Walker

Walker’s work marks an eruption of extraordinary creative expression, which burst onto international cultural scenes of the 70’s. The original screen prints, produced between 1975 and 1978, celebrate the provocative and edgy spirit within which they were made. Walker’s prints are ‘cheeky and irreverent, bright and bold’. The overlapping imagery, experimental dynamic angles and rapid markings mirror the provocative and rebellious character of ‘punk’.

Mark Chadwick - Fluid Painting 83

Mark Chadwick

Fluid Painting No.50

Mark Chadwick

Another Rise Art member's favourite, Mark Chadwick's work is concerned with the use of machinary in the production of an artwork. Considering our increased engagment with new technologies, Mark's work questions the implications of handing over the control of an artwork to a mechanical device. With the actions of any machine the result of human intention, Mark use machines to allow chance to enter the creative process, exploring ideas surrounding authorship, consciousness and interaction.

Alba, my love - Heloise Delegue

Héloïse Delègue

Alba, My Love

Héloïse Delègue

Autobiography, both real and imagined form the basis of most of French Artist Héloïse Delègue's work. Héloise creates a world of colours and uses storytelling to fuse aspects of her identity and travel experiences with myths and factual truths. Her intricate works blur fact and fiction while always introducing a sense of humour to powerful effect.

Daniel Bourke - Lemon and Bowl

Daniel Bourke

Lemon and Bowl

Daniel Bourke

Daniel builds up his paintings using a variety of different techniques such as thick impasto, glazes and alla prima to create a layered picture. Inspired by the versatility of oil paint, Daniel's paintings capture how objects are experienced in a world saturated by technological imagery where the definition between personal and collective space has become increasingly blurred. 

Kenilleiti Lunduna by Kristjana S Williams

Kristjana S Williams

Kennileiti Lunduna

Kristjana S Williams

Kristjana S Williams richly imaginative work interweaves fragments of Victorian engraving with contemporary illustrations and colouring. The artist creates magical landscapes, filled with impossible, exotic creatures, flora and fauna. The Icelandic born artist is a graduate of Central St. Martins. Her work has been commissioned by major brands including Paul Smith, Liberty's and was the focus of a show at the V&A gaining critical acclaim in the process. Kristjana S Williams' unique designs are hugely popular earning her a place in Rise Art's Top 5 best ever sellers.

Circus - Gina Soden

Gina Soden


Gina Soden

At the heart of Gina Soden’s photography is a preoccupation with abandoned structures and locations. Travelling widely to undisclosed sites throughout Europe, she explores the boundaries of beauty, decay, nostalgia and neglect. The genesis of each piece is often the unique architectural character of each location, heightened by their painfully slow transformation after years of abandonment. The compositions feature derelict asylums, long since closed schools, ex-military compounds and famous city power stations in various stages of decay. The results are striking and poignant, at once both edgy in their contemporary aesthetic and nostalgic in their ruinous beauty. The work is underscored by the potential controversy of gaining unlicensed access to the out of bounds areas.

Charlotte Evans untitled (Black Hut)

Charlotte Evans

Untitled (Black Hut)

Charlotte Evans

A prolonged trip to Asia marked a change in the paintings Charlotte made. Disorientated by a world in parts so recognizable but wholly unknown, she looked for what she might recognize; interactions between people and their worlds. The works shown here on Rise Art are all part of a larger series of paintings made as a result of that trip, back in London.

Victoria Horkan - Butterfly Series 2

Victoria Horkan

Butterfly Series 2

Victoria Horkan

Already well-established in the world of aesthetically beautiful, vibrant abstracts, Victoria Horkan's liberating Butterfly Series literally 'flew' off our shelves in 2013. Victoria’s work offers a bold, vibrant and expressive milieu of forms and colours that falls somewhere between the realms of impressionism, abstraction and expressionism. She conveys and engages with scale and perspective, making large what is typically small but her central focus is on colour, and movement. 

Dormientas Saltus - Robert Hind

Robert Pereira Hind

Dormientas Saltus

Robert Pereira Hind

Robert Pereira Hind was born in Bolton, grew up in Edinburgh and developed an interest in art while studying an MA in Photography at the London College of Printing. For the last 20 years he has worked as a professional photographer for film and advertising in New York and London. Robert's Gold Leaf varnish & photography on board works are particularly interesting to collectors as the gold leaf ages over time meaning the physical works mature, similar to the trees in their photographs. Rise Art recently exhibited Robert's work which was both a lot of fun and a great success. 

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