Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans trained at the prestigious Byam Shaw school in Central Saint Martin’s.
Charlotte was born in London and now works from artistic Brooklyn, NYC.
Charlotte Evans’ art features in private collections across the globe.

Charlotte Evans is a London-born painter who now lives and works in Brooklyn. Her Figurative Paintings make use of muted colours and abstract shapes to create expressive and emotional artworks that explore memory and how this fades over time. Her work toes the line between figurative and Abstract Painting, depicting scenes that once seem lifelike and yet somewhat removed from reality. The result is a calm yet somewhat unusual atmosphere, inspired by her feelings of disorientation and searching for the familiar during an extended trip in Asia.

Charlotte Evans’ Career and Education

Charlotte trained at the world-renowned Byam Shaw division of Central Saint Martin’s in London, where she studied Fine Art. Since then, she has moved to the USA, where she works from a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and at international art fairs, and has recently been gaining traction in solo and group shows around New York. She is now on the advisory board of Brooklyn Wayfarers, a studio program and gallery in Brooklyn.

Notable Collections

You’ll find Charlotte’s Figurative Art in a number of well-known collections in London, including the UBS Bank and Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection. She also features on the walls of private collectors in Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Europe and Australia.

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