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Explore our selection of lino prints for sale. Lino prints are art prints that are produced in a similar way to woodcut prints, and fall under the collective term ‘relief printmaking’. Lino printing is loved by artists because it’s a simple and affordable technique and it’s this simplicity that allows artists to explore their practice, and produce images that are complex and rich. Not sure where to begin? Have a browse of our Abstract Lino Prints, Geometric Lino Prints or Illustrative Lino Prints to find the perfect piece for your collection.

Lee Ellis’s bold, textured portraits are fraught with emotional angst, much like the images created by the German expressionists. Another Lino print artist to look out for is Lorna Hope who uses Lino printing to capture urban street scenes and other snapshots of daily life.

The Origins of Lino Printing

Like other types of relief printmaking, linocut prints are made by carving or cutting an image into the printing block. But rather than a printing block made of wood, a Lino printing block is made of linoleum. The areas that are left uncut leaves the print - with the final image being a mirror of the uncut sections. Lino print artists do this using either a press or they do it by hand.

Lino Printing was invented by a group of German expressionistic artists called Die Brücke in Dresden in 1905, and although the medium hasn’t been around for very long, it’s left its mark on the how artists produce prints today. Marks and effects produced by Lino printing are unlike any style produced by other types of image making. The characteristics of Lino prints are bold cutting marks and striking flat colours layered over one another.

Die Brücke were a bohemian collective that stood in staunch opposition to the older established bourgeois social order in Germany. In line with their social ethos, they established common styles that were vivd in colour, emotionally tense and used violent imagery.


While some of the best known Lino print artists were a part of Die Brücke, the movement spread and influenced artists around the world. One of these artists was the Suffolk born Sybil Andrews who specialised in printmaking, and is remembered specifically for her modernist linocuts. Today, one of her earliest prints, Limehouse is part of the British Museum Collection.

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