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Find fashion prints for sale online today. From simple images of clothing to stunning silhouettes of models, you can buy fashion prints of all descriptions right here. Take a look at our range of Fashion Drawings, Fashion Photography and Fashion Paintings to find the next piece for your collection.

Explore the beauty of Japan’s traditional fashion with Anna Toppin, a British artist whose images of kimonos are a refreshing and contemporary take on the fashion print. Look closely and you’ll spot historical and modern references woven into the fabric of the kimonos, celebrating the culture of a country that embraces the future and technological development while keeping one foot rooted firmly in the past.

Pick up a modern take on the fashion print with a piece by Joanna Ham, a photogram artist who explores the role of modern women in society and how clothes help to shape this. Ham’s process is fascinating, beginning with a mixed media collage that is then developed into a photogram in her signature style, with a white figure contrasted against a black background. Her works show women in a variety of poses and outfits, showing a level of individuality and expression that is only possible in the modern day. Her work is a celebration of femininity and the power of the modern woman to define her own personality and destiny.

About fashion prints

Bringing together two art forms, fashion prints are any prints that showcase items of clothing or models. Fashion itself is a form of artistic expression that influences our everyday lives, and has always been very specific to a certain time and context. While clothing was once purely utilitarian, as society has developed people have spent more and more time considering how they present themselves. What once was a luxury reserved for the upper classes has now become a point of interest for people from all walks of life, and this is reflected in other visual arts. Fashion prints draw attention to the importance of fashion to our lives and are a celebration of the beauty of this art form.

Fashion illustration was once a hugely significant art form, as designers needed a way to show images of their clothing to the public. For nearly 500 years, artists have been representing clothing through their illustrations, offering a snapshot into the fashion and habits of the time. A major turning point in the history of fashion illustration arrived in the 1930’s when Vogue took the decision to use photographs for their covers in the place of illustrations. Since then, fashion illustration as a commercial art form has declined, superseded by the faster and more representative medium of photography. Nevertheless, fashion illustrations and prints are still being produced today, usually with a more creative or artistic focus than the commercial prints of the past.

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      Prints - 56x38cm


      Prints - 76x51cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Beauty of Money

      Prints - 76x50cmRent for $ 72/mo


      Prints - 76x51cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Hot Lips (I Love You So)

      Prints - 70x50cmRent for $ 41/mo


      Prints - 55x25cmRent for $ 60/mo


      Prints - 76x51cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Swan Lake

      Prints - 55x74cmRent for $ 71/mo

      Not for Walking

      Prints - 72x45cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Kyoto 2 Jade

      Prints - 75x55cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Dotty Jade Kimono

      Prints - 74x54cmRent for $ 55/mo

      Pink Tiger Kimono

      Prints - 72x50cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Edgy Orange Kimono

      Prints - 75x53cmRent for $ 46/mo

      Emma Loves me in Black and Charcoal

      Prints - 74x54cmRent for $ 45/mo

      Happy Hour Kimono, Orange and Red

      Prints - 77x64cmRent for $ 61/mo

      Black Fish Kimono

      Prints - 75x53cmRent for $ 46/mo

      Happy Hour Orange

      Prints - 72x53cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Bamboo Kimono, Red

      Prints - 50x74cmRent for $ 57/mo

      Emma Loves me in Green and Navy

      Prints - 75x53cmRent for $ 46/mo

      Happy Hour Sepia and Black

      Prints - 72x53cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Black Swan

      Prints - 57x61cmRent for $ 56/mo

      Indian Headdress

      Prints - 75x53cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Hot Lips (I Love You So) colour

      Prints - 74x50cmRent for $ 42/mo

      Starry Starry Night, Yellow

      Prints - 72x42cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Kyoto 2 Pink

      Prints - 75x54cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Happy Hour

      Prints - 72x53cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Kyoto 2 Gold

      Prints - 74x54cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Bamboo Kimono, Grey

      Prints - 50x74cmRent for $ 58/mo

      Starry Starry Night Grey

      Prints - 72x47cmRent for $ 70/mo