Joanna Ham

Joanna Ham is an acclaimed Fine Artist who works with photograms and other mixed-media to express the power of human sentiment.
Joanna has created bespoke artwork for the likes of Nike, Liberty London and Topshop.
Joanna’s figurative botanical prints are at once striking and incredibly subtle.

Joanna Ham is perhaps most widely known for her brand of design-led homewares and prints, HAM, featuring the adventures of a black silhouetted bunny named Rabbit. Joanna, however, is also an acclaimed Fine Artist who works with photograms and other mixed-media photography to express the power of human sentiment and the psychology behind unspoken feelings.

Early Career and Collaborations

Joanna graduated from The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, where she gained a degree in Fine Art with a specialism in anatomy. The artist founded her studio in 2011 and has since collaborated with world-leading brands and commercial clients, creating bespoke artwork for the likes of Nike, Liberty London and Topshop, as well as We Work, Print Club London and Eurostar’s 20th Anniversary.

Joanna Ham’s Style and Technique

Photograms are images made using a cameraless technique. Objects are set directly onto a light-sensitive surface and exposed to light, producing complex screen-printed imagery. Joanna’s prints usually capture organic objects, people or animals and focus on the desire to convey emotion or feeling. None of her subjects have readable facial features or gaze directly at observers, making for work that is at once private and impactful. For example, her figurative botanical prints such as Romance manage to be simultaneously striking and subtle; her delicate floral studies invite each and every viewer to read them differently, depending on their own context and sensibility.

Press and Awards

Joanna has exhibited her figurative prints and brand designs at The Other Art Fair, London Design Festival, Billy Name, The Serena Morton Gallery and Modern Art Oxford. In 2016, the artist was chosen for the National Original Print Exhibition by the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. And then, in 2018, she was awarded the Aviva Women of Future Arts and Culture Prize, and shortlisted for the Global Rise Art Print Prize. Joanna has also been featured in top publications such as Harper's Bazaar, The Sunday Times and Design Milk.

Selected Works

Coy by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x50 cm
Surprise by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x50 cm
Empathy  by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x40 cm
Romance by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x40 cm
Awe by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x40 cm
Reflection by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x40 cm
Questioning by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x50 cm
Adoration by Joanna Ham


Prints - 50x40 cm

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