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Discover a selection of contemporary car photographs for sale. Each piece in our online gallery has been picked by us from artists all across the world. Showcasing everything from photographs of cars in atmospheric landscapes, to monochrome images of cars surrounded by machinery, our ever-evolving selection offers a vast range of car photographs in modern day settings. Discover, own and collect new photographs on our online gallery, and why not start with our realistic or surrealist car photography.

Gina Soden’s portrayal of the automobile captures stationary cars in forgotten settings. Each scene contains an air of mystery, where cars sit silently against a sleepy backdrop. In Jaguar Soden uses light and perspective to induce a sense of wistfulness. Lena Szankay’s style is similar to that of Soden’s, and her approach produces atmospheric photographs that appear in the midst of an unfolding narrative. Your Corvette draws focus to the bright yet static car, and Szankay uses contrast in light, colour and tone to create an intriguing image. Both Soden and Szankay reimagine the car, and in doing so they highlight its presence as a an mechanical yet majestic object.

Ian Hoskin’s photographs reimagine mundane objects through a vibrant and unique style. By wrapping tyres in colourful and patterned materials, Hoskin takes the instantly recognisable shape of a tyre, and covers it to encourage a shift in perception. Hoskin deconstructs the functional properties of the automobile and presents them as decorative autonomous objects.

A brief history of car photography

Car photography captures images of automobiles and parts of automobiles either stationary or in motion. The car has been a popular subject in photography, as well as in painting and print since its invention in the late nineteenth century. With its creation, the car symbolised the innovation of the modern age, and celebrated the speed of the machine. Avant-garde art movements at the dawn of the twentieth century celebrated the endless possibilities that cars and machinery represented. The Futurist movement formed in Italy, and praised ‘the beauty of speed’ in both art and sculpture, using the motifs of tyres, wheels and machinery to look forward to the excitement of the future. Throughout the century, movements such as Cubism and Surrealism followed, and worshipped the progress and revolution that the car embodied.

The invention of the camera also signified the beginning of a new age, and by 1902 photographers such as Jacques Henri Lartigue were becoming fascinated by the movement and aesthetic of the automobile. Themes of speed and the open road were popular in relation to the pursuit of freedom and independence. In 1958, Robert Frank released ‘The Americans’; a seminal photography book containing photographs of cars and endless highways. Since then photographers such as Ed Ruscha, Man Ray and Martin Parr have been constantly inspired by the changing culture and symbolism of the automobile. Today, the car represents excitement as well as decay, it exhibits speed as well as stillness, and continues to be a subject of constant re-interpretation.

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    Jaguar by Gina Soden


    Photography - 43x63 cmRent for $125 /mo
    Jaguar by Gina Soden


    Photography - 74x109 cm
    I Bloom For You by Martin Stranka

    I Bloom For You

    Photography - 90x147 cm
    Film Stills by Mitra Tabrizian

    Film Stills

    Photography - 122x165 cm
    Rush Hour by Reed Hearne

    Rush Hour

    Photography - 41x122 cm
    Patience by Anastasia Fugger


    Photography - 40x60 cmRent for $65 /mo

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