Anastasia Fugger

Anastasia Fugger's photography spans from landscapes in Mexico to capturing the cultures of Burma and the underwater world in South Africa
The photographer studied Behavioural Biology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland before taking up photography
Antonia is working on a long-term photography collaboration together with Carolina Pimenta, called the [gone] project, which captures a unique perspective of seemingly known grounds.

Anastasia was raised in between the U.S and Germany and was fortunate to discover many different cultures and magical places in her life, the camera always at her side. With a background in Behavioural Biology, she decided to take her passion for photography on a professional level and studied at the Spéos Institute of Photography in Paris. She lived in Southern Africa for two years exploring and documenting its natural riches before she continued her studies in science journalism and media production in London. There she began working with moving images alongside her photography. In 2015, Anastasia started a long-term art collaboration together with Carolina Pimenta, called the [gone] Project, which captures a unique perspective of seemingly known grounds and cultures. Their last series [gone] Poland was shown in London and Berlin in 2018. Anastasia is currently based out of Berlin creating multimedia art and photography.

Selected Works

Fried Eggs & Honey by Anastasia Fugger

Fried Eggs & Honey

Photography - 38x53 cm
People bathing grass by Anastasia Fugger

People bathing grass

Photography - 30x40 cm
Ocean Sky Fusion by Anastasia Fugger

Ocean Sky Fusion

Photography - 40x60 cm
Deep Plunge by Anastasia Fugger

Deep Plunge

Photography - 60x80 cm
Urban Sunrise by Anastasia Fugger

Urban Sunrise

Photography - 60x80 cm
Twins with attitude by Anastasia Fugger

Twins with attitude

Photography - 80x100 cm
Natures Rothko by Anastasia Fugger

Natures Rothko

Photography - 30x40 cm
Patience by Anastasia Fugger


Photography - 40x60 cm
Zebra Bums by Anastasia Fugger

Zebra Bums

Photography - 60x80 cm

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