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Discover politics paintings for sale. Showcasing pieces from some of the most exciting artists, our collection is ever-evolving with vibrant, powerful pieces. Browse today to find the paintings for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. Not sure where to start? Explore our popular politics paintings, politics prints and politics drawings. Or discover more about artists like Peter Mammes, Lisa Kellner and Alexander Small.

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    A Child Of Iraq by James Earley

    A Child Of Iraq

    Paintings - 100x70 cmRent for $525 /mo
    La petite fille au ballon by Victoria Stagni

    La petite fille au ballon

    Paintings - 80x80 cm
    Land of plenty by Victoria Stagni

    Land of plenty

    Paintings - 81x100 cm
    The Candle Collector by James Earley

    The Candle Collector

    Paintings - 60x46 cmRent for $305 /mo
    Crépuscule by Victoria Stagni


    Paintings - 73x116 cm
    The Scramble For Africa by James Earley

    The Scramble For Africa

    Paintings - 92x67 cmRent for $435 /mo
    The good old days.... by Well Well

    The good old days....

    Paintings - 94x94 cm
    Dollars And Oil Steal Life by James Earley

    Dollars And Oil Steal Life

    Paintings - 52x77 cmRent for $435 /mo
    "Mexico 2019" by Cristina Lopez Casas

    "Mexico 2019"

    Paintings - 60x50 cm
    Eyes Open - HPM by Shepard Fairey

    Eyes Open - HPM

    Paintings - 64x49 cm

    Bo Jo The Clown

    Paintings - 52x76 cmRent for $350 /mo

    public execution 20042021

    Paintings - 115x140 cm

    Snacky Tick Tock Red & Gold

    Paintings - 100x70 cm

    The Dollar, Thistle and Bomb

    Paintings - 77x52 cmRent for $350 /mo

    le génie de la télé

    Paintings - 50x50 cm

    Alexandre à Babylone

    Paintings - 89x116 cm

    "It's raining in paradise"

    Paintings - 65x100 cm

    Untitled (Manifesto...!)

    Paintings - 99x228 cm

    Nothing To See Here

    Paintings - 115x124 cm


    Paintings - 31x41 cm

    Socially Involved

    Paintings - 90x70 cm

    chairman of the bored #02

    Paintings - 122x91 cmRent for $225 /mo

    Dancing Shoes

    Paintings - 100x100 cmRent for $195 /mo

    Magic Future

    Paintings - 80x80 cmRent for $220 /mo

    The Wall

    Paintings - 76x102 cm


    Paintings - 30x23 cmRent for $55 /mo

    The Kings

    Paintings - 130x90 cmRent for $150 /mo

    it's a choice of life

    Paintings - 70x60 cm

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