Cat Paintings For Sale

Discover cat paintings for sale. Showcasing art from some of the most exciting painters active today, our collection is ever-evolving. Browse today to find the cat painting for you, with a variety of styles and subjects available. To begin your search, we suggest you start with figurative, pop-art and expressionist cat paintings.…

About the artists

Francesco Polazzi piece It’s a red cat! (2019) is a disarming and cheerful depiction of a mischievous cat. But don’t be fooled - Polazzi’s daring use of colour is more than just vibrant, it’s complex and layered. We love the contrast between the chaotic lines and shapes happening on an insular level and the cat’s sleek, familiar silhouette.

Similarly, Diana Rosa Latourt work Beauty and the beast (2015) draws the eye inward with its medley of blushing peaches, ripened avocados and of course, a perching pet. The tiger stripes are a wonderful centerpiece and we particularly enjoy the paintings art deco feel.

Vadim Kovalev blue cat (2015) is a departure of Latourt and Polazzi’s more impressionist style. Kovalev beautifully captures a languid cat in monochromatic blues with realistic form. We especially love the texture of the piece and Kovalev’s impeccable understanding of movement and form.

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