by Rosalind Davis

Edition of 25 - 40.5cm x 49.0cm


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    Type | Limited Edition
    Medium | Prints
    Style | Figurative
    Subject | Architecture
    Year | 2011
    Edition | of 25
    Size | 40.5cm x 49.0cm
    Ready to hang | No
    Signed | Yes
    Materials | Archival Pigment Print

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    • Produced in collaboration with the artist exclusively for Rise Art
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  • Nick Kaplony

    The Insider Nick Kaplony says:

    "I love Rosalind's work. It is exciting to see the prints produced from your original use and combination of paint, material and thread."

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    Need to know

    • An acclaimed blogger and writer (the Guardian, a-n, Artlicks, Jotta)
    • Curator at the Core Gallery, an artist-led space in Deptford, London
    • Associate lecturer and creative practitioner for University of the Arts London
  • Farewell

    ‘Farewell’ depicts the Coronet cinema in South London. An iconic Modernist building near the area where Rosalind grew up as a child and it is soon to be demolished, hence the ‘Farewell’ in the title.

    The image, with its soft and harmonic colours resembles an otherworldly landscape, where seemingly crashing forms and concepts seem to merge in perfect equilibrium. The idea of the farewell, contained in the soon-to-be gone building, brings an element of nostalgia to the artwork. A nostalgia that also celebrates the imperfections and future ruins of the city.

    ‘Farewell’ is an Archival Pigme…

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    Want to find out more about this artwork?

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    Rosalind Davis

    Rosalind Davis is an artist whose central concern is the transformation of space through the disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. Beginning with the rational and objective geometries of architecture Davis creates a multifaceted set of spaces; re-visualizing, constructing and reconfiguring architectural elements to create multi-dimensional environments. Her paintings and drawings act as a starting point that connects and disconnects both physical and psychological boundaries, where complex interior and exterior spaces are collaged together and abstracted. Threads often…

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