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La Passerelle du Temps

Edition of 9090.0 x 60.0 cm?
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Hugo Pondz

Hugo Pondz deploys an azure blue universe which awakens the spectator with large bowl of fresh picture air. In a perfect dichotomy between full and voids, he invites contemplation in an almost minimalist world where we project ourselves and breathe cheerfully. Around the swimming pool, in New York, on the plain of a golf course or on the aisles of a parking lot, all Hugo Pondz paintings are imprints of a singular depth.
Always surrounded by art
Hugo Pondz is starting to paint late. But art has always surrounded him. His antique -antique father plunges him early into the art world without him completely indulging in this passion. Her mother painted country landscapes for pleasure. It was on a hazardous day that he launched himself, taking out his painting box and begins to paint. Envource beginnings when he is looking for himself, mixing copiously and randomly the painting. Hugo Pondz was then 16, and remembers this experience as a disaster!
He retained the blow at 28 years old when he meets Jean-Pierre Hubert who made him discover for the very first time a real pictorial technique. Hugo Pondz turns to a minimalist, surrealist universe, where alchemy of colors remains of paramount importance.
Blue as a beating heart of a world in height
It is in dense and deep blues, luminous concrete, swimming pools with calm and transparent waters, that the artist, observer, succeeds in capturing silence, in imposing in a scene that wants to be almost minimalist, splashed with light And shadow, a latent danger.
A subtle alchemy settles immediately between the spectator and the work whose ease of reading, participates in bringing it into this almost too motionless world. There, children, waiting, looking at the horizon, lead us into introspection, beyond a wall that we will all have to cross one day or the other.

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