Le Temps Menaçant

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René Magritte

René Magritte, the famous surrealist painter from Belgium and undisputed master of enigma, offers with humour and poetry a collection of paintings that present themselves as rebuses and metaphors. His paintings, sculptures, as well as the rest of his works remind us of our constant quest for reconciliation between reality and perceptions, revealing the complexity of the human mind.

Magritte's work, characterised by the representation of ordinary objects in unusual contexts, questioning preconceived perceptions of reality. He develops a true visual alphabet encompassing his style, using recurring elements such as the apple, the bird, the man with the bowler hat, and fragmented bodies, offering two perspectives of reading: the apparent and the occult. His deliberately objective and precise style, influenced by his past in advertising, marks the originality of his artistic approach and can be observed in his paintings.

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