Love tripping - Bleu

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Mr. A

In the street, André is known for his alter ego graffiti artist, the tag mr. a and for his concept "love graffiti". Monsieur A is a funny round face with a big smile and a wink that follows you everywhere, and now all over the world - and often in pink! - A fairly taboo color in the world of graffiti, except when it is André's monochrome style. Les Graffitis Love are tags of names of people ordered by their loved ones which he realizes in pop colors near their home, so that they cannot miss him. Contract at the last 20 years of street graffiti, where an artist street imposes an anonymous label for an anonymous crowd - some only stain a depressing urban landscape, some become famous gallery artists, such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Kaws, NECKFE and of course Samo - André Hésité to go from rue aux Galeries. Rather, he gave new meaning to his art of graffiti, first by bypassing the walls of the gallery and introducing his imagery in clubs or nightclubs, which he participates in opening and promoting throughout the world . In doing so, he proactively modified the nightlife of cities such as Paris, New York and Tokyo. He also reinterprets the meaning of the art of graffiti, from underground opposition to a more user -friendly and utopian alternative during the day. André is one of those rare people capable of moving things naturally. Its authentic generosity extends in the romantic utopian night boxes that it creates and where people meet. Its second gesture, after having passed from the wall of the street to the walls of the clubs, favors drawing to the classic canvas. In calm moments, he prefers drawings on pieces of paper or in notebooks, which he constantly fills, but rarely shares with others. It is a more personal and intimate activity, far from the mercantilism of art. In the universe of André, the drawings have a separate currency, such as the sweet tickets to share love. For him, the only way to escape the stifling coverage of capitalism, in or out of the art world, is in the things you cannot buy - love and generosity.

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