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Michel Debully

Artistic influences:
Originally from the Giverny region, he is from an early age immersed in the world of painting. Discovery of the impressionism and the work of Claude Monet first then later that of two great abstract artists installed in this region: Joan Mitchell in Vétheuil and Pierre Tal Coat in Saint-Pierre-de-Bailleul (Dormont).
Three other artists, by their artistic and spiritual research, helped enrich his knowledge by their texts: Vassily Kandinsky "of the spiritual in art", Paul Klee "Theory of modern art" and Yves Klein " art problem ”.
From the 1970s, he received traditional training in plastic and graphic arts in Paris.
The review "The Chronicles of Living Art" published from 1968 to 1975 allowed him to discover the work of young creation.
At that time, he carried out various experiences including a performance in 1972 on the Champs Elysées: "Universal Love" for a positive conscience of humanity.
Towards an abstraction of transparencies:
It is by observing the projection of the colors of the stained glass that form ephemeral abstract images that its interest has developed in the pure light color.
In 1980, he defined a theory on the 4 primordial colors of light and began to develop abstract pictorial work.
Light and its chromatic fields are only vibrational energy. They need to cross transparent elements such as air and water to reveal themselves to us.
The transparent appearance of colors and its pictorial rendering are one of the important aspects of its work.
Bringing transparency to color is making it brighter and bringing it closer to its original state the white light.
The transparency of the color by superposition allows the transmutation of the color material in light color.
Its repertoire of forms is inspired by the often geometric primitive constructions found in nature.
Color vibrations and synchronicity:
The vibrations of transparent colors associated with a wide variety of geometric shapes trigger on the one who looks at emotions and positive energies.
In his creative process, he sometimes provokes chance to obtain "happy coincidences" (Carl Gustav Jung calls this the synchronicity which is found in various fields such as quantum physics and biology).
The world is in perpetual change which encourages him to continue his plastic research towards new paths and new supports.
His work is above all pictorial. However, it is also published on different supports to allow access to the greatest number: digital prints on paper, subligraphy © on aluminum and digital video animations.
His colorful works adapt to very large formats such as urban architectural dressing. In 2018, he produced a wall work in 2018 a wall work: "The Breath of Iris".

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