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Erik Bonnet

Erik Bonnet offers his vision of the superficiality of humans, men or women, to various degrees and aspirations (appearances, symbols, society ...).
Authentic collages echoing his childhood
Beyond an almost emotional dimension, there is therefore all the social influence with which Erik Bonnet plays. He builds his portraits by the use/visual interpretation of pop art codes. They come for many from the world of his childhood: science fiction, thrillers, comics, cinema + TV series ... A typically bombing technique from the street art in which the collages are frayed for the background of works to Authentic old documents base.
Erik Bonnet likes to play with bodies. According to him, it is in these places that beauty, sensuality, elegance, but also dreams and fantasy, sex, or even anxiety, fear, societal revolt between the dominant and the dominated. "The envelope" even works is icy, reflecting the spectator like a mirror, itself becoming an entity of this fictitious superficiality.
Pop art in the spotlight
Batcher in the world of pop art, in direct line with Andy Wharol and his use of iconic characters like Marylin Monroe, Erik Bonnet has built a world and a visual identity with his own.
At first glance, his works are recognizable: this "patchwork" background of old papers, yellowed by time, and above, this drawing which seems, like Lichtenstein, straight out of a comic strip - In fact drawn carefully, by hand.
Find Erik Bonnet's interview on Kazoart's blog!

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