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Vincent Motron

This is the view that thinks and feels - Karel Teige
My work is a conversation with the images. He questions their mystery. The method consists in confronting a heterogeneous corpus of images from the most common printed supports (magazines, postcards, vernacular, illustrated, etc.). To work to dislocate their internal coherence, to dwell on a texture, to be convinced by a print frame. Operate by semantic shift and visual discontinuity, create a critical tension between the immediacy of the form and its polysemic richness.
The weaving of these differences form the structure of the staging of a visual proposition including the lines of force, the arrangement of forms and the development of signs organize integrity. At the end of the creative process is a device that would like to stimulate the gaze before flattering the eye, and whose use would be an exchange of thoughts and sensations.
At the notion of collage, I prefer that of assembly. It describes better my way of working and my objectives summarized by this word of V. Amiel: "It is the very value of the images which is modified by their proximity" (aesthetic of the assembly). In addition, the assembly concept suggests a distance from the collage such as that which distances photography and painting. This is why my gesture will have greater affinity with Hannah Höch, Max Bucaille or Toshiko Okanoue that with the collages of Picasso, Matisse or Schwitters.

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