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The mysterious alias "C215" could evoke a Pantone color or a chemical formula, but behind this pseudonym lies one of the most influential figures in French street art. Born in 1973, Christian Guémy, known as C215, embarked on his artistic journey in 2006 by immersing himself in the world of stencils and graffiti;

Urban Art as a Spokesperson

A graduate with a background in history and economics, C215 shaped his profile as a modern humanist before gradually turning to the history of art. His fascination with Caravaggio's work marked a decisive turning point.

The sorrow of a romantic separation and the inability to witness his four-year-old daughter's daily growth were catalysts that led him to express his love through urban art. Creating poignant portraits of his former partner and his daughter Nina on the facades of Ivry-sur-Seine marked the emergence of his career as an urban painter.

Poetry Unveiled

C215's works, primarily human-sized, come alive with vibrant colors and meticulously crafted lighting. The faces captured on his walls convey the characters and expressions of the subjects, breathing a breath of poetry into the city.

For C215, street art should merge with its environment, engage in dialogue with its elements, and embody genuine aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from Ernest Pignon Ernest, an iconic figure in French street art, C215 leaves his enigmatic mark on the urban artistic landscape in France.

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