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Creatures of Paradise

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Novi Lim

I like to capture the essence and subtle elements of the natural world. In my process, I let the freedom of movement takes shape-- with soft curves, edges, and rhythmic brushstrokes. The initial flow of movement comes instinctively, followed by the delicate stage of contemplation, detailed work, and layering of different techniques to achieve textural contrast, dimension, and depth.

Art is the most natural way for me to translate my inner perceptions to realities, the sensation of creating something with my hands feels grounding, and invigorating. Often, imagining a burst of petals that blooms and lit up in the nighttime, or seeing something as simple as the calming gradient of the colorful sky at sundown, or the surface of water that glimmers make me wonder about the mystery of the deepest oceans -- piqued my creative process and subliminal stimuli.

At the core, I am more interested in the sensorial and experiential aspects of feelings and processes. It is a collaborative event of constructing my vision and letting go of inhibition in the pursuit of harmony. Following the curiosity. embracing the unknown, and drawing out what's hidden inside into something physical really gratifies me.

Working with acrylics, immediacy is an important factor in the process and it helps to retain a spontaneous quality that I love. I also enjoy dynamic line work, atmospheric use of translucent effects, and a play of light and dark to give each of my works a quiet intensity.

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